Role of Digital Transformation in the New Normal

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September 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single human life on this planet and is considered to be the most horrific and unprecedented pandemic in the history of human mankind. Not a single country has been spared from the wrath of Corona virus. However, on the other hand this pandemic has nudged every nation to escalate their focus on advancing and implementing digital transformation in various sectors in order to operate more efficiently.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the implementation of digital technologies in all the sectors of business in order to improve the existing business culture and meet the expectations of customers in regard to ever changing market requirements. As we have moved from pen and paper to smart tabs, in the same way we need to re-think how we can engage our customers into our business with the help of advanced digital technologies. Moreover, when we talk about Digital Transformation, we only think about business, but in reality, digital transformation in required in every working sector of a nation. Implementing digital transformation is the only way to survive in this market during and post pandemic.


Impact of COVID-19 in the Digital Transformation

With the whole world under lockdown, people have started working, engaging, communicating, learning, shopping etc online and this has resulted in steep rise of internet traffic. The use of technology and specifically digital technology is nothing new but the scale at which it happened is unprecedented. Earlier many people believed that full time remote working would be impossible rather unworkable. But now the scenario is completely different. People are not only working remotely but organizations are also planning to work in this manner permanently in the future as well.  

A steep rise in the usage of digital platforms in eye opening for everyone as it has now become the centre stage for any kind of interaction. According to a research conducted post COVID-19 outbreak, the uses of digital media and online platforms have increased five times than what it used to be. Moreover, every sector and organization has speed up the process of digitization in order to survive in the market.

Importance of Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Scientists and COVID-19 Research Analysts have clearly stated that mankind would have to live like this maintaining social distancing and others norms for many more months to come as there is no other option or effective solution to eliminate the risks of getting infected by the virus up to this day. However, the world cannot stand still and human engagements and collaborations will continue to take place for economic and societal purposes. In such a situation, the implication of digital transformation in each and every sector is the call of the day.

The current pandemic situation has made us realize how efficient and important digital transformation is. Companies and organization are learning to function with their employees working remotely and realizing that they don’t need the office space to get the same work output. Other sectors like education, healthcare etc. are also slowly coping with this new normal but it is understandable why they need time as they were totally unprepared for such a change happening at such a speed.

The pace at which healthcare departments, schools, businesses and every citizen have adopted to this digital transformation is commendable. With having a major impact on customers, digital technology is the only way to operate any businesses today. 



The Future of Digital Transformation

The disruptions that we are facing today due to the outbreak of COVID-19 have affected us in such a way that no one has ever predicted before. The impact of these changes is humongous on everyone. But this pandemic has opened certain opportunities in the field of digital technologies. The 3 fields mentioned here have tremendous potential to move beyond stagnant growth and deliver exceptional shareholder, customer and environmental value.  Some of the major advances that we can see in the field of digital transformation to move forward in the new normal market are-

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-

The increase in the usage of AI in near future is imperative as businesses are resorting to new strategies in order to keep their business going. In this situation, where social distancing is a must, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality comes into play. Deploying AI applications and technologically advanced digital tools can improve many activities that were previously difficult to carry out without man power.

  1. Digital Workplace-

Use of Virtual Reality and Digital Embedded systems is the next big thing in the new normal. Companies employing digital transformation at workplace with connected mobility and using VR and AR to work with employees in real time have become much easier than ever before.

  1. Next Generation Decision and Analytical support-

Advanced Data Analytics and Algorithm can support real time decision making and assist in cyber security of multi-linked IT operations. In the new normal, technological advancement in these fields will nullify the business losses taken place in the recent times.



Digital Transformation is a never ending process and it will continue to take place but with this rapture of Corona virus outbreak, things have taken a faster pace. Change is ever daunting, but if we see at the brighter side of what digital transformation can do by creating a customer-focused, sustainable and digitally enable business, we might also see the silver lining after this hell of a pandemic.

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