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Software Design & Development

Providing cutting-edge software solutions for businesses worldwide. . Whether it’s developing new platforms or upgrading existing systems, we have the expertise to deliver end-to-end consultancy and development services for all your digital needs.

End-to-End Solutions

From developing & deploying new platforms or upgrading fielded products, Checkbox can provide end-to-end consultancy & development services for all your device programming initiatives, and all your digital needs in one place and at a time

Digital Solutions for the Physical World

Checkbox combines hardware & software knowledge to help you develop and design complete systems that can sense, communicate, understand, analyze and decide and make day to day activity easier


Web Development

Improve your digital presence with our experts in Web and mobile Apps,Our web development expertise is your pathway to online success. We offer Comprehensive web development service as per the project requirements within the desired budget of our client.

Set Top Box Testing .

 Providing maintenance & upgrades to HD (DVR) Set Top boxes to over 20+ million homes in Latin America & Carribean Islands. Designing better and smarter UI and features.From developing & deploying new platforms or upgrading fielded products, providing consultancy .

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

With Checkbox’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning services, you can automate processes, strengthen customer relations, leverage enhanced analytics, and future-proof your business processes and work flow to be ready for future.

It represents convergenceof cutting-edge technologies with the traditional campus environment, fostering a dynamic and interconnected educational ecosystem atingadvanced technological solutions, a smart campus aims to transform and elevate the overall experience for all stakeholders within the academic community.The primary purpose of establishing a smart campus is rooted in a profound commitment to enhancing the overall efficiency and connectivity within the academic community

Improved efficiency in operations.

Enhanced safety and security.

Better resource utilization.

Improved learning experiences.

Sustainable practices.


CheckX lets you prioritize, assign, track, report and audit your ‘issues’, from software bugs and helpdesk tickets to project tasks and change requests.More than just and issue tracker, CheckX is an extensible platfform that you can customize to match your buisness processes.

TAS - Touch-less Attendance System

A centralized online attendance management system designed with an intent to smoothen and transparent the process of attendance. Attendance processing is effective only when it’s real-time. 

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes is a web-based software application for conducting meetings online and also recording minutes globally.
It can be used as an umbrella app covering various types of online services, meeting scheduling feature, arranging peer level web meetings, face-to-face meetings & recording the details .


Virtual Study

Our goal was simple, create a Virtual Classroom that worked in any browser, without any downloads, with an intuitive interface, so that teachers could focus on what they do best – teach.


A revolutionary approach for measuring the impact of sporting events and rewarding organizers for it. The impact of an event is measured by its contribution towards


WaSP or Warranty Service Portal is an online tool for managing end-to-end activities in a field service .

Let’s schedule helps you create events at your ease. More like a slot booking tool, an individual/organisation, can fill up the details of the event/demo/service alongwith the rest of the necessary details like duration etc., to get there personalised link to be shared with their own client base, who can schedule a meeting with them, as per the available slots.
Let’s Schedule works anywhere globally, irrespective of the timezone you’re in. The time slots get auto converted based on the time-zone the user is in. For the convenience of the user, the utility is available for a one-time subscription.

The Remote Bench system is intended for use by Checkbox Technology to help them with testing and development of Set top box’s interfaces more efficiently. RB system provides user the ability to view and control a large variety of set-top boxes, also known as receivers or IRDs.

RB system’s goal is to provide a method to stream both audio and video. It manages pools of various types of receivers that can be located remotely. Users may request access to a type of receiver from the pool based on the manufacturer make, model, and other criteria. If a particular receiver is available, the user is granted control.

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What People Are Saying

Through Ron’s coaching and recommendations, HTS has successfully expanded our team from being an exclusively local team to include an offshore development and testing group, saving me approximately $500,000 per year.

William Clemenson

President, HTS, Inc

Checkbox was proactive in diagnosing and solving our time-sensitive website issue. In addition to solving the primary problem, Checkbox also analysed, and provided some interesting insights and suggestions. Based on these inputs and analysis, we worked with them further to implement additional changes that improved the Search Engine Optimization of our site.
We are very happy with our experience with Checkbox Technologies.

Stephen Matthison

CDO, Atlantis Medicare

Our inbound leads have grown so dramatically from our website and search optimization that we have hired a dedicated sales team that now only works on inbound leads. It was a significantly different scenario before our hosting and running our website with Checkbox.

Bobby Nichols

Founding Partner, Stylus Incorporation

PixelInc is delighted to have Checkbox as an official partner. Checkbox has been a robotic integrator for our company for two years now. They has successfully executed five automation projects flawlessly thereby enabling us to become leaner and more efficient. They have been working with us closely right from the initial concept to the final implementation of each project. Their customer service is unparalleled; their keen eye for detail is constant, and their Data Analytics, excellent.

Rafe Ferris

CEO, The Ferris Group

I would like to extend my appreciation for your support and dedication resolving a complex production issue which was heavily impacting our subscribers experience.

Armando Neto

Core Engineering, Middleware and Content Protection Systems Manager

Thank you very much for your help, dedication and long hours support to troubleshoot and identify the root case.
Once again, really appreciate your help on this. Please pass my sincere thank you to Checkbox members who are not included in the email.


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