How TAS works?

Touchless Attendance System is a software application that can be accessed by scanning the barcode and you will jump to the attendance page with URL where you will submit the attendance. Above all, the employees will only have the ability to enter their login ID and mark their attendance. However, the person in charge of the employees’ attendance can navigate through the application by accessing all the working and nonworking days of employees for the calendar year. Moreover, he/she can also generate the report by exporting the attendance in spreadsheets.This is an easy way to scrutinize the attendance records effectively.



TAS saves the real time location from where the employee has marked its attendence .The record is saved as a database and very accurate in terms of location tracking, day-to-day work.

Before TAS you need to push biometric system, and that process is time consuming. But from now no more wasting time. You can use your own phone and desktop to give attendance.

TAS is more accurate than any other bio metric attendance system in terms of in and out timming.No proxy can be given in this touch-less process hence buddy proxy ends here.

No more extra harware setup requires for attendence employee/ students make use of their own smart-phone / laptop for marking their attendence hence no more extra resources required.

Touchless Attendance Need NOT be a complicated hardware-based solution!

TAS (Touch-less Attendance System) is one of a kind technologically advanced software that allows marking touch-less attendance from anywhere around the globe. It is a great way to mark attendance for all those who are working remotely as well as working from offices. This software validates the location of the users from where they punch in. The data then gets available to reporting heads at a glance. More importantly, there’s no requirement of any sort of human contact.

TAS is a centralized online attendance management system. It is designed with an intent to smoothen and transparent the process of attendance. Attendance processing is effective only when it’s real-time. As a result, the person in charge of the employees’ attendance (in most cases the HR) can view the attendance of an employee for all the calendar months and can generate an exhaustive report by exporting it in spreadsheet with the help of TAS.

 Key Highlights!

  • Completely Touchless UI.

  • Report to work from anywhere.

  • Location validation on Punch-in and Punch-out.

  • Real-time synchronization of attendance status.

  • Download detailed seamless Attendance report.

  • Saves time and effort while calculating salaries of each employee.

  • No chance of Buddy Proxy with TAS.

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