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August 28, 2020

In today’s modern world, digitization is considered as one of the biggest challenges for companies of all sizes and shapes. However, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, things have taken a toll on not just human lives but the whole economic belt as well. But as they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, this pandemic situation has forced businesses to undergo transition and initiate digitization at work place in order to operate more efficiently.

The world has been completely transformed by the coronavirus and in the new normal, digitization is imperative for all businesses. It is considered as the ultimate key to survive in this market during and post pandemic. But before getting deep into this subject, we need to know a bit more about digitization. On a general note, digitization is the conversion of analog to digital. It is the automation of manual processes into digital (computerised) format in order to restrict the limitations of physical organizational structures.

However, digitization is not something new. Digital transformation have started decades ago, but we are still only taking baby steps compared to what can be accomplished in the future. Moreover, with the advancement in the field technology and digital marketing, not only the new companies but the existing companies that are in the business for a long time are also benefitting from its advantages.

Some of the benefits of digitization are enlisted below-

  • Increase in Productivity
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Enhanced Information Security and Preservation
  • Easy recovery of data
  • Environment friendly

Digital revolution is happening all around us. Therefore, to prepare for a digitized “new normal”, all businesses, be it small or big, must undergo a complete digital transformation. It’s high time that we forgo the traditional ways of doing business and adapt ourselves with the latest business trends and technological advancements. This will not only help in the growth of our business but will also benefit our entire value chain.

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