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Providing maintenance & upgrades to HD (DVR) Set Top boxes to over 20+ million homes in Latin America & Carribean Islands. 

Android STB

Utilize an Android TV box , bring a number of
services from the internet to your television.




Testing Services

  • Unit Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • UI Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Regression Testing

Validation Services

  • Defect analysis and traceability

  • Customer Experience Quality

  • Digital Assurance

  • Security Consulting

  • Analytics based Quality Assurance

  • Performance Engineering

Remote Set Top Box Testing

The Remote Bench system is intended for use by Checkbox Technology to help them with testing and development of Set top box’s interfaces more efficiently. RB system provides user the ability to view and control a large variety of set-top boxes, also known as receivers or IRDs.

RB system’s goal is to provide a method to stream both audio and video. It manages pools of various types of receivers that can be located remotely. Users may request access to a type of receiver from the pool based on the manufacturer make, model, and other criteria. If a particular receiver is available, the user is granted control.

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