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Why Your Business Needs the Checkbox's ONSITE & OFFSITE TECH SUPPORT

Checkbox provides your business with a dedicated IT tech team that is available to come directly to your location and get your systems back in shape. You will deal with the same techs each time you need them. They are more than just an onsite IT support services resource; they become your partner in all of your IT needs. Our onsite & offsite IT support techs are friendly and knowledgeable, respond quickly.

Onsite Technical Support

Your IT issue begins to affect your productivity. It’s important to have a dedicated tech team on call to come to your location and begin diagnostic testing and repairs as soon as you identify a problem with your hardware or your network that is too large to handle via a help desk phone call. Onsite IT support services bring experienced techs right to your door so you can get back on track as soon as possible.

Our goal is to satisfy every customer. We believe in creating lasting relationships. If our services or products ever fail to meet your expectations, we promise to fix the problem within a timely manner, fairly and to the best of our ability.

Offsite Technical Support

 Our remote technical support services are effective in solving complex issues in real time. In intricate scenarios like online transactions, this kind of support delivers more value. Since on-site tech support calls for a lot of waiting time for the technician to arrive at the location, remote tech support results in no wastage of time and resolves the transaction issues in real time, which implies that you won’t lose any business.we understand that remote tech support enables lesser downtime and provides greater output from customer operations. Our proactive remote tech support initiatives make the end customers happy. 

Advantage Of Onsite Tech Support

  • Easier and Faster Communication: This way gives you hand on Support for all your IT Needs, engineers to have direct access to the problem, so they can understand much more the issue and implement the appropriate fix.
  • Consistent Support:Additional benefits of onsite IT support include helping your organization streamline and standardize technical processes. Not only will this improve productivity for your end users, but it will help ease the burden on your internal IT team.
  • Professional & Experienced Technicians: Onsite IT Support encourages people to ask for help, regardless of how large and small the problem is. IT services through a reputable service provider, you can rest guaranteed you will be getting knowledgeable and professional technicians that have experience troubleshooting and resolving a wide variety of IT problems.

Advantage of Offsite Tech Support

  • Minimized Cost:Remote computer support from  providers are typically able to assist you without tacking on additional costs that come with an on-site visit. Since it doesn’t cost the company as much, they extend those savings on to the customer resulting in a lower cost.
  • Time-Saving:Another big benefit of remote technical support services is that it’s convenient. You do not have to waste precious hours waiting for a field service engineer to show up at your place or schedule an appointment. All you need to do is to convey your problem to the remote technician, who would access your system tech support remote and resolve the technical issue right away.
  • Greater availability:Additionally, offsite support offers greater availability than onsite support. While onsite personnel likely aren’t available every day and at all hours, helpdesk services often are. And helpdesk services also allow multiple users to call in simultaneously; if three users need support, each can talk to a helpdesk technician right away.

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